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Dial 999 if you feel threatened by a man wolfwhistling at you in the street says police chief

Devon and Cornwall commissioner Alison Hernandez said 'We are a bit clueless about the level of the problem.' Research suggests 66 per cent of women have been harassed in public. How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend? Two comedic and poignant favorite series return. A documentary about Mark Rothko debuts. In Fight Against Racism, Soccer Can Choose the Playing Field. There is no reason that any player, white or black, should have to go to a country or a stadium with a history of racist abuse. Scottish sheep charges dog and head-butts the collie in stand-off at Scottish farm. The two rams appear to reverse the rules of the countryside as they charge down a lone border collie in Lockerbie, Scotland. Motorcyclist reveals his blood-splattered bike and battered face after he was hit by unusual item. Safe and Secure Ordering revealed his wounds in hospital and his blood-soaked bike after the lid of the cooler box struck him - leaving him with blood on his lip as well as down his neck. 16 Nominees for South Asian Fiction Award. The DSC literary prize comes with a $50,000 award. Fifth suspect will avoid jail time after pleading no contest in mass rape case. Robert Olivarez, Jr., pleaded no contest and will avoid jail time after allegedly sodomizing a Texas high school student with the threaded end of a carbon dioxide tank during an initiation in 2016. Want a comfy retirement? You'll need a 1M pension pot. A study by Loughborough University details everything from the brand of baked beans we might buy to the quality of wine and beer we'll be drinking depending on retirement income. Samantha Markle calls half-sister Meghan a hypocrite for complaining that no one asks if she's okay. Samantha Markle, of Virginia, said she has zero sympathy for her estranged half-sister Meghan after watching the ITV documentary 'Harry and Meghan An African Journey' on Wednesday. New DNA-editing method could fix 89% of genetic diseases, scientists claim. Scientists at MIT and Harvard University's Broad Institute have developed a new way to change single letters in the genetic code without making risky 'cuts' to strands of DNA that can cause unintended edits.

Low-Cost Investing Cant Get Any Lower Than Free. Charles Schwab is eliminating fees for trades of stocks and exchange-traded funds. The move is part of a trend that has made it cheaper than ever to invest. Judge rules James Younger's dad can have say in transition. Jeff Younger has been battling his ex-wife Dr Anne Georgulas in a Dallas family court as part of their bitter custody fight over whether their child James has gender dysphoria. Facebook Calls Truce With Publishers as It Unveils Facebook News. The social network introduced a new section of its mobile app dedicated to news content, offering stories from a mix of publications. Photos of the week. For Hockeys Lamoureux Sisters Perfect Ending Was Only a Pause from the past week. Bruce Springsteen slams Trump saying president 'doesn't have grasp' on what it means to be American. Legendary singer and songwriter Bruce Springsteen says the country is facing a 'frightening time' with President Trump at the helm. Biden Escalates Attack on Facebook Over False Political Ads. Joseph R. Biden Jr.s presidential campaign sent Facebook a letter about a false video ad that a super PAC ran on the social network.

Thousands demonstrate in Lebanon despite crackdown on protesters. Thousands of demonstrators poured into downtown Beirut on Saturday, hours after overnight clashes erupted between security forces and protesters leading to large-scale arrests and several injuries. TOM UTLEY Call buy divalproex uk , but I wish my bank would let me get at my own dosh. TOM UTLEY Sometime in the dim, distant past - heaven knows exactly when - I must have registered for internet banking. Starting up in China? Here's what's Lowest Prices for disruption. There's no doubt China's tech sector is heating up, but not all opportunities are made equal. 500 Startups' China partner Rui Ma tells Reuters' Jon Gordon where she sees the most promise. Betsy DeVos Is Held in Contempt Over Judges Order on Loan Collection. A federal judge said the education secretary had violated an order to stop collecting on loans owed by students from a now-defunct for-profit chain of colleges. Renault revenue hit by Nissan woes, diesel decline. French carmaker Renault's group revenue fell in the third quarter, weighed down by a drop in production at partners Nissan and Daimler, and declining demand for diesel engines. Julian Satterthwaite reports. How the Louvres Leonardo Blockbuster Shows a Masters Progress. Eight highlights from the exhibition plot Leonardo da Vincis trajectory as an artist and show the breadth of his talents.

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